The new year has begun. I am seven-eighths of the way through high school. Our Christmas tree is coming down and tomorrow I go back to school. Everyone promises me that your first semester at PVA is almost grueling as you settle in and catch your breath, but the second semester is gone faster than you can say re-auditions.

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. They have never been a big deal at my house, maybe because we all know that by February most have come to naught anyway. (The biggest event I can remember surrounding resolutions has been when my brother figured out we were not actually saying “New Year’s Revolutions”.) However, I think it is a strong idea to set intentions for yourself and your year. How do you intend to go through each day with the next 365 chances you get? To where do you want to keep your head pointing as you push through any storms you may weather?

I figured if I wrote a blog post about my intentions, I could increase my accountability. And remind myself in May or September the space in which I started the year. So, dear reader, I am counting on you to hold me to my word. Here we go.

  1. Get a cat.
  2. Get a job.
  3. Allow for the extraordinary. — On January 1st, my mom and I attended a breathtaking event at the Rothko Chapel. As Mrs. Shamas played the crystal bowls, she reminded us that when we listen to our inner voice at harmony with the voices around us, we allow for the extraordinary. I am not exactly being original, but this spoke to me a great deal.
  4. Travel. As much as you can. — Looking forward to 2016, I am giddy thinking about the two trips I already have planned. Over Spring Break, I am exploring France and Spain with a group from my school. I want to develop friendships there. So many beautiful people are going, and I want to listen to them and laugh with them. Then, I leave on June 13th for Ecuador with the ever-expanding SSQ:IE. What a blessing. Do not take this for granted, Eliza. And do not shy away from every single opportunity you can find.
  5. Experiment. — It is so rare that high school feels like a safe place to experiment, but I cannot think of any place I would rather be growing and stretching than at PVA. Anna Bates said in Season Two Episode Eight, “I know only that I am now who I was meant to be.” Find that, or at least strive every day to find that.
  6. Speaking of, finish Downton Abbey.
  7. Take pictures. — You bought a new camera, now you need to use it. Take chances and put yourself out there. No matter what anyone says, you have as much value as the next person. Tell stories.
  8. Go to New York. See Hamilton. — I do not know how I am going to accomplish this one yet, but it is going to happen.
  9. Be kind. — You are not as good at this one as you may think. When you accept that not everyone thinks the same way as you, you open yourself up to different perspectives and astonishing new friendships. Do not be so quick to judge. (Someone really intelligent told you to keep an open mind to the unexpected. Listen to her.)
  10. Do not doubt yourself.

Happy New Year.


3 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. Good luck with your endeavors this year Eliza (especially #1😊).
    You are an awesome young lady, and I have no doubt you’ll accomplish your goals.
    Love, ” Mr.Rick “


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