“I am half agony, half hope.”

(A Jane Austen quote that seems so true tonight.)

I became an official member of my church this morning. I finished reading a full chapter of Strayer in one weekend, without having to read more on Monday night. I played ukulele for my youth group and got to hear prayer requests from my dear friends, got to hold their heart as they opened it up to me and to Christ. I feel so lucky and so astounded that I am able to find light when recently I have feared that I never would make it past darkness.

I am really not trying to be melodramatic. However, I think amidst the darkness to which we have grown accustomed, rare gifts of light should be praised. Wow, the weather is finally getting cooler. Wow, I learned a new word today. Wow, beautiful things happen just when you need them to, no matter how small they may be.


We are such trembling things, trying to thrive and manage everything that flies at us. Today, I was affirmed that I am not the only one who has a few bruises from not ducking too quickly. We are all half agony, aren’t we? This world is not right, not fair, not satisfying; looking at it only through our own perspective is even less so. Challenge yourself to touch other people, despite the fact that you do not want to be the first to reach out. Reach out. Put on jazz music and write someone you love a letter. Or a text. Plan a coffee date. Put down the homework (I am looking at you, WHAP students), and try something that will get you thinking or spinning or laughing or crying. Invest in people this week. And, dare I say it, invest in people even if they do not vote the same way as you.

If we all commit to this, what a week it will be. Because if we are all half agony, we are half hope, too.


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